ユエリア, Yueria
"An unusual young woman unaccustomed to the ways of the world. Often gazes pensively at the sky."
Character information
Gender Female
Nickname(s) Flutter*
Hometown Lunares
Relatives Noelia (Twin-sister)
Divinus (Father)
Celestia (Mother)
Rank Mysterious Girl
First appearance Fantasy Life

Yuelia (Japanese: ユエリア Yueria) originally known as Flutter (Japanese: チョウチョ Chōchō, literally meaning; "Butterfly"; US version: Butterfly) is the daughter of Divinus and Celestia and has a younger twin sister named Noelia. Yuelia is from Lunares but came down to Reveria in order to save it from destruction by collecting as many wishes as she can from different peoples she encounters during her journey. After you complete the story, she can be your ally by talking to her in your room.

Personality Edit

Yuelia has good intentions, but she can be hasty and a little bit scatter-brained. Although she and Noelia are sisters, they often get in fights regarding Yuelia's attitude. She can also be forgetful, which is seen when she returns to Reveria on the Goddess Ship and leaves out an important part (the same thing Celestia had done), causing it to crash into the Spirit Tree in Elderwood Village.

Appearance Edit


Yuelia as Flutter.

Initially known as Butterfly (Flutter for JP Version), Yuelia has the player complete several quests. Although several NPCs drop hints that she is not a butterfly, it is not revealed until "Tale of Lunares Chapter Five". Yuelia seems to be young in the game, as Divinus treats her like a child. She has a creamed bob hairstyle with ponytails along with a white hood over her head. Yuelia also wears some type of necklace around her neck. She wears a short cloak with a crescent moon on the front. The rest of the cloak is outlined with gold, and her sleeves appear to extend slightly past her hands. There is blue fabric on her dress that seems to be tightened with a red knot. While she wears no socks, she wears bronze sandals for her feet. Yuelia also has deep blue eyes, with a light blue diamond shaped cornea. She is sometimes mistaken for her mother, Celestia.

As Flutter, she is shown as a white butterfly with six yellow spoon-like shapes radiating from her center on her top two wings and four blue spoons on her bottom wings. The two top wings are blue-tipped. She sparkles whenever she flies.

In game Edit

Fantasy Life Edit

Yuelia can be found in the player's room in the form of a butterfly. If the player talks to her, she will count up the bliss the player has gathered during their journey if wanted. She also turns back to Yuelia if asked to join the player's party.

Flutter's Request Edit

Request Bliss
What's a... "Guild Office"? 10 Bliss
I saw lots of different counters at the Guild Office.
I wonder what they are all for...
Let's go and take a look!
Request Bliss
Shop 'till We Drop! 10 Bliss
Castele is an amazing place, full of all sorts of shops. I'd Love to check out the General Goods store in the square. Shall we go and have a look together?
Request Bliss
Time for Adventuring! 10 Bliss
If you follow the road south from Castele, you come to the East Grassy Plains. Let's go for an adventure! But be careful, I've heard there are monsters!
Request Bliss
Tale of the Goddess 10 Bliss
Have you seen the Goddess Statue in Castele Square?
Just looking at it makes me feel a little nostalgic.
Why don't we go and find out more about it?
Request Bliss
The History of Castele 25 Bliss
I really must learn more about Castele's history!
I know! I bet I could learn lots in the library.
It's just outside of the castle. Let's check it out!
Request Bliss
A Visit to the Pet Shop! 25 Bliss
Do you know anything about pets?
I heard there's a pet salesman in the Artisans' District.
Shall we go and have a look?
Request Bliss
Attic with a View 25 Bliss
Pam said she wanted to talk to is about something.
She kept saying "Don't you need some more space?".
I wonder what she means...
Request Bliss
Ride Like the Wind! 25 Bliss
Apparently, there's somewhere in South Castele where you can borrow a horse. I'd like to talk to them!
Hmm...can horses speak, though?
Request Bliss
Pierre and Butch 25 Bliss
I'd like to see how Pierre and co. are getting along.
I'm worried, as they've been through so much.
They usually loiter somewhere in Castele Square...

Abilities Edit

Yuelia will heal a single ally or a group by 90-110 health, and she also removes any negative status effects such as poison or paralysis. Yuelia may also charge briefly before casting an area of effect explosion, dealing 80-100 damage. She can also launch a single star or cluster of stars, dealing 40-50 damage each.

Battle Stats Edit
Attack 92
Defense 146
Magic Attack 120
Magic Defense 162

Quotes Edit

Fantasy Life Edit

  • (To Pierre and Butch) "I didn't mean to offend! Please just let me flutter by!"
  • (To Pierre and Butch) "I wasn't trying to pun! Someone heeelp!"
  • (To Pierre and Butch) "Please! Just let me go!"
  • (To Pierre and Butch) "But... I didn't mean anything by it!"
  • (To Pierre and Butch) "Oh, please! Don't stick a pin in me and put me in a display case! I beg of you! Don't turn me in a brooch! Or a hatpin! Oh please!"
  • (To Pierre and Butch) "You're going to...e-e-eat me?!"
  • (To Pierre and Butch) "Nooooo!"
  • (To the player) "Y-you! Hey, you there! <after player chooses "Of Course! section"> I have no idea who you are, but I thank you for your bravery. Still...I must refuse your help. I must try to deal with these ruffians myself..."

Artwork Edit

Yuelia Castelia at night
Official artwork of Yuelia. Yuelia staring at the skies in Castele.

Name meaning Edit

Name Origin
"Yue" means "Moon" (月) in the Chinese language, while "Lia" means "mistress" or "ruler". "Yulia", which is similar to Yuelia, is a Latin Name meaning "young".
Flutter means "to fly by a quick light flapping of the wings" or "to flap the wings without flying".