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Taylor is a tailor who lives in Castele. She helps the player and joins their party sometimes.

She is part of the quest; "The Fledgling Tailor: Sew Some Devotion!". During the quest, you will have to help her and Zippy to make a Fluffy Ribbon Top while they complete an order to make curtains for the Castele Kingdom.

Appearance Edit

Taylor has rosy cheeks. She has grayish blue hair. She wears a white blouse with a blue bow along with a green skirt and blue shoes.

Where You Can Find Her Edit

During the day, Taylor can be found at the Castele Chapel in West Castele.


Character information

Gender Female

Taylor the Tailor

Hometown Castele
Country {{{country}}}

Mom (unamed)

Dad (unamed)

Madame Purl (Grandmother)

First appearance Fantasy Life

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