Location: Inside of the Lava Cave

Steele and the Blacksmith's Life Shop is found here.

Shop Inventory Edit

This shop will sell more items to Master Rank (and above) Blacksmiths

Item Dosh Requirements
Resistance Aid 1200
Resistance Spray 2000 Master
Bronze Ingot 80
Iron Ingot 220
Silver Ingot 360 Master
Gold Ingot 480 Master
Platinum Ingot 700 Master
Magma Ingot 500 Master
Marine Ingot 700 Master
Magic Ingot 700 Master
Fledgling's Hammer 440
Bronze Hammer 1160
Iron Hammer 2100
Silver Hammer 3300
Gold Hammer 5520
Super Hammer 9200 Master
Flame Hammer 14900 Master
Blacksmith's Beanie 400
Blacksmith's Cap 400
Blacksmith's Shoes 400
Furnace Apron (Male) 400
Furnace Apron (Female) 400
Inferno Helm 18000 Master
Inferno Armour 13000 Master
Inferno Leggings 14000 Master
Inferno Gauntlets 14000 Master
Inferno Boots 15200 Master
Block Floor 9000
Stone-Paved Floor 5000

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