A scarecrow for keeping mice at bay.
...What's with all the chew holes, then?
3 Stars
Carpenter Apprentice Recipe
Pine Beam x 3
Sunny Cotton x 2
Wonderful Buttons x 1
Buy price N/A
Sell price 2,360 Dosh
Sell price good 2,832 Dosh
Sell price great 3,304 Dosh
Sell price top 3,776 Dosh
Sell price divine  ?
Type Decor

  The recipe may be found by speaking with Decker, on the westernmost ship, in the Port Puerto Marina.

Quests Edit

Received as a reward from Giles for the quest Carrot Catcher 3, in South Castele.

Top-Quality Scarecrow requested by Sami for the quest Scarecrow Coat Hanger, in Port Puerto Marina.

Scarecrow Example