The following table lists all available pickaxes used for mining, as well as their stats, requirements and special effects.

Name Mining Power Min. Skill Level Special Effects Usable by
Beginner's Pickaxe 6 1 all
Bronze Pickaxe 9 1 all
Iron Pickaxe 12 2 all
Silver Pickaxe 16 3 all
Gold Pickaxe 20 4 all
Lava Pickaxe 24 5 Wingstone Damage + all
Deep Sea Pickaxe 30 6 Charged Attack Power + all
Ancient Pickaxe 36 7 Great-Deposit Damage + all
Mole Pickaxe 44/49/54/60 8 Sweet Spot Area + all
Solar Pickaxe 54 11 Rare Drops + Miners
Gigaga Pickaxe 50 12 Max Sweet Spot Strikes + all
Demonic Pickaxe 65 13 Sweet Spot Strike Power + all
Spirit Pickaxe 70 15 Special Deposit Damage + Miners

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