Ores and Mine is the first Mining / Blacksmithing supply store, located in Castele Artisans' District.


Item Cost Notes
Castele Copper 40 Dosh
Plains Iron 80 Dosh
Minty Ore 40 Dosh
Quality Minty Ore 80 Dosh Requires Shopping +
Bronze Ingot 80 Dosh
Iron Ingot 220 Dosh
Yellow Stone 500 Dosh
Blue Stone 1000 Dosh
Topaz 1000 Dosh Requires Shopping +
Beginner's Pickaxe 400 Dosh
Bronze Pickaxe 1000 Dosh
Iron Pickaxe 1800 Dosh Requires Shopping +
Fledgling's Hammer 400 Dosh
Bronze Hammer 1160 Dosh
Iron Hammer 2100 Dosh Requires Shopping +

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