ノーラ, Nōra
"A mysterious woman who tries to appear older than she is. She seems to be hiding her true feelings."
Character information
Gender Female
Nickname(s) Crybaby (Yuelia)
Hometown Lunares
Relatives Yuelia (Twin-sister)
Divinus (Father)
Celestia (Mother)
Rank Mysterious Girl
First appearance Fantasy Life
Noelia (Japanese: ノーラ Nōra) is the daughter of Divinus and Celestia. She is the younger twin sister of Yuelia. She is the most organised and most knowledgeable out of the two sisters. She sometimes comes across as being tough and mean to people such as her sister, but she actually has a soft side. When she is first met hurrying after Yuelia as a butterfly in the Drysand Desert, she is worried about whatever she must be doing. Just like Yuelia, she gathers wishes in order to save Reveria. She has missed her mother greatly ever since she passed away.

Noelia also befriended a blue Fluffkin, and even knew how to communicate with him. She later had to leave him once he fell in love with the pink Furlin, Peachy, in the Origin Island.

History Edit

Yuelia and Noelia had talked to Divinus about going down to Reveria and saving it from eternal darkness by collecting wishes. Before doing that, she gained the form of a black-yellow butterfly. After you save Reveria, you will eventually get a letter from Noelia. You must then go to the Goddess Ship and travel to Lunares with it. After talking to her, she will be available to join your party.

Personality Edit

Noelia is rather organized and knowledgeable, unlike her sister, who is scatter-brained and forgetful. She appears cool and collected, but is often called a crybaby, as she used to cry a lot when she was younger. She also has a tendency to lie in order to mask her feelings. When both she and Yuelia were crying during their time at Lunares, Yuelia finally asked Noelia if she was crying. She said she was crying because of her allergies (also including that Divinus never dusts his place).

Appearance Edit

Noelia has the same hairstyle (with two long ponytails) as Yuelia, albeit purple instead of blond, and slightly more pointed. She wears a small black cloak and a hood that goes over her head. She also wears some sort of necklace, which is made of purple diamond-shaped crystals. On her cloak is a white crescent moon with a gold outline. The same thing goes for her sleeves as well. Noelia's dress is tied with some sort of belt. There is also a red piece of clothing on her dress with more gold outlining that goes past her knees. She also wears black sandals with no socks. Unlike Yuelia, she has yellow eyes and a regular oval shaped cornea. As a butterfly, she looks just like Flutter, but instead of brighter colors, she is yellow and black.

In game Edit

Fantasy Life Edit

Abilities Edit

Noelia's attacks consist of a blast of dark magic, which comes in 2 variations (differing in size and strength), and an AOE lightning attack. She will use the weaker dark attack most often occasionally making use of the more powerful dark magic. The lightning attack is rarely used, and takes the longest to charge, but is the most devastating.

Battle Stats Edit
Attack 180
Defense 280
Magic Attack 310
Magic Defense 375

Name Meaning Edit