A mole found inside the Royal Cabin Well on Mt Snowpeak Summit.

This is the Life Shop for Miners.

Shop Inventory Edit

Some items only unlock after achieving Master level in the Miner Life:

Item Dosh Requirements
Power Aid 1200
Power Spray 2000 Master
Castele Copper 40
Plains Iron 80
Port Puerto Silver 120 Master
Al Maajik Gold 160 Master
Platinum Ore 240 Master
Magma Ore 200
Marine Ore 200 Master
Magic Ore 300 Master
Celestial Ore 400 Master
Minty Ore 40
Quality Minty Ore 80
Yellow Stone 500
Blue Stone 1000
Purple Stone 2000 Master
Ruby 2500
Aquamarine 1500
Topaz 1000
Amethyst 1500 Master
Emerald 2800 Master
Sapphire 3000 Master
Beginner’s Pickaxe 400
Bronze Pickaxe 1000
Iron Pickaxe 1800
Silver Pickaxe 2900 Master
Gold Pickaxe 4800 Master
Lava Pickaxe 8000 Master
Mole Pickaxe 26000 Master
Miner’s Cuirass 400
Miner’s Frock 400
Rock Bottoms 400
Miner Short-Shorts 400
Miner’s Helmet 400
Miner’s Puffy Helmet 400
Miner’s Mitts 400
Miner’s Boots 400

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