Mini Bomb
Mini Bomb
A bomb that inflicts a bit of damage on enemies.
1 Stars
Alchemist Fledgling Recipe
Minty Ore x 2
Green Gel x 1
Animal Droppings x 1
Buy price 300 Dosh
Sell price 200 Dosh
Sell price good  ?
Sell price great  ?
Sell price top 240 Dosh
Sell price divine  ?
Type Consumable



Upon completing the "Tale of the Goddess" quest, players may freely roam Reveria. Visiting the Guild Office and speaking to the Guild Master will result in obtaining 3 Mini Bombs.


Quest Related

Alchemist Quests:

Fledgling Challenges:

  • Bombs Away!: Make 1 Mini Bomb
  • Flamel's Fancy: Make 1 high quality Mini Bomb

Other Requests:

  • Bomba requests 30 Mini Bombs for his first request.