Mermaid Leggings
Mermaid Leggings
Leg guards fashioned using fish scales. Very useful against some enemies.
2 Stars
Usable by
Paladin icon 1 Mercenary icon 1 Hunter icon 1 Magician icon 0 Miner icon 1 Woodcutter icon 1 Angler icon 1 Cook icon 0 Blacksmith icon 1 Carpenter icon 1 Tailor icon 0 Alchemist icon 0
Level 7
Defence Normal 13
Good 15
Great 17
Top 19
Divine ?
Magic Defence: 5
Special Effects Water element +
Blacksmith Adept Recipe
Fish Scales x 2
Silk x 2
Buy price 2,200 Dosh
Sell price Normal 1,800 Dosh
Good 2,160 Dosh
Great 2,520 Dosh
Top 2,880 Dosh
Divine ?
Type Armour

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