(To Player and Roslyn) "Aww have two puppies got lost? This is a horse stable not a puppy stable." - Isobel first time talking to Player.Edit

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A Paladin with both great strength and a good nature. She is secretly a sucker for anything cute.
Character Information
Gender Female
Nickname(s) Rosy (according to Isobel)
Lives Castele
Life Paladin

Isobel is a paladin, who lives in Castele. Isobel can join you once you talk to her after becoming an Expert Paladin and is the 2nd ally that can be obtained through the paladin life.

Appearance Edit

Isobel has purple hair which is in a pony-tail. Isobel wears what seems to be iron amours gloves, chest and boots but wears a pink skirt instead of leggings. Isobel has, what also seems to be, an iron sword which is kept shielded (unless in use) on her left side. Her sword is shielded with leather which wraps around her waist.

Can be found Edit

Isobel is found outside the Paladin Hood. She is standing at attention there. At night, Isobel can be found at Castele General Goods looking at the Stuffed Bears saying: "Oh, which one to choose! They're all so adorable!"

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