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Iron Leg Guards
Iron Leg Guards
Shin guards wrought of iron. The first choice for any newcomer to plate armour.
1 Stars
Usable by
Paladin icon 1 Mercenary icon 1 Hunter icon 0 Magician icon 0 Miner icon 1 Woodcutter icon 1 Angler icon 0 Cook icon 0 Blacksmith icon 1 Carpenter icon 1 Tailor icon 0 Alchemist icon 0
Level 5
Defence: 10
Defence good: 12
Defence great: 14
Defence top: 16
Defence divine: 0
Magic Defence: 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - ?
Special Effects ------
Blacksmith Apprentice Recipe
Iron Ingot x 2
Wool x 2
Buy price 1,200 Dosh
Sell price 980 Dosh
Sell price good 1,176 Dosh
Sell price great 1,372 Dosh
Sell price top 1,568 Dosh
Sell price divine  ?
Type Armour

Buy from

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Iron Armour Outfit Example

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