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"A perpetually pessimistic and gloomy Paladin. As a Blacksmith, he was set to inherit the family forge."
Character information
Gender Male
Nickname(s) Iggy
Hometown Castele
Relatives Steele (Grandfather)
Magmia (Sister)
Rank Paladin / Blacksmith
First appearance Fantasy Life

Ignatius used to be a Blacksmith, but chose to become a Paladin. This displeased his Grandfather, Steele greatly, as he wanted him to inherit the family forge.

Speak to Ignatius at the Paladins' Hold to unlock the Coppersmith Extraordinaire challenge.

Whereabouts Edit

Ignatius can be found in the Paladins' Hold to the left of Mustang at daytime, and can be found top-north in the Castele Artisans' District at night.

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