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クク, Kuku
"A cheerful and responsible Magician. She sometimes lets her tongue run away with her."
Character information
Gender Female
Nickname(s) {{{nickname}}}
Hometown Castele
Relatives Colin (older brother)
Nox (younger brother)
Rank {{{rank}}}
First appearance Fledgling Magician

Hazel is a Magician who will sometimes assist the player. She has a younger brother named Nox, and an older brother named Colin. Her master is Jinx, and she teaches magic to young students in East Castele. She is unlocked as an Ally when the player reaches the Master Rank of the Magician Class. As you start off, she will be on your team temporarily after Jinx sends you off to find the Elemental Spirits. You both will later have to fight a Spooky/Spook together after Nox realizes he cannot use his powers.


Hazel's name may come from the tree known as the witch hazel.

Images Edit


Front view of Hazel.

HazelRight HazelLeft HazelBack


Hazel in East Castele.

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