Grinning Hat
Grinning Hat
A dark witch's hat with a mischievous smile. Some reports say that the hat speaks on its own.
4 Stars
Usable by
Paladin icon 1 Mercenary icon 1 Hunter icon 1 Magician icon 1 Miner icon 1 Woodcutter icon 1 Angler icon 1 Cook icon 1 Blacksmith icon 1 Carpenter icon 1 Tailor icon 1 Alchemist icon 1
Level 20
Defence Normal 16
Good 18
Great 21
Top 23
Divine ?
Magic Defence: 24
Special Effects ------
Tailor Expert Recipe
Black Cashmere x 2
Demonic Powder x 1
Star Cluster x 1
Buy price 18000
Sell price Normal ?
Good 6240
Great 7280
Top 8320
Divine ?
Type Armour

The Grinning Hat is an 'Other' Item in the Tailor's Recipe menu.

Shops Edit

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