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Character information
Gender Male
Nickname(s) Uncle Fred

Grandpa Fred
Mister Fred
Eternal Traveller

Hometown Castele
Relatives Pam
Rank {{{rank}}}
First appearance Castele Square, by the Goddess statue

Fred is Pam's Uncle. He is also known the as the "Eternal Traveller". He has been on a lot of adventures thughout his life. He had spent his youth searching for Lunares Coins, amongst other things.

Fred re youth

Fred will give you some Lunares coins. Eventually, he will decide to stick around in the Rocky Hill Shrine area of Origin Island and you will be able to exchange some of your silver Lunares Coins  into gold coins through him, though you can sometimes trick him into taking one less coin than he wants.

He hasn't been home for a long time so his family had thought him dead. He hesitates to let his grandchildren, Pam and her three sisters, know that he was in town for fear of being burdened with chores but plans to eventually go home when the time is right.

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