Fine Woods and Leather is the first Woodcutter / Carpentry supplies shop, located in Castele Artisans' District .


Item Cost Notes
Oak Log 60 Dosh
Pine Log 80 Dosh
Elder Oak Log 360 Dosh Requires Shopping +
Pine Nuts 20 Dosh
Oak Beam 120 Dosh
Pine Beam 240 Dosh
Leather String 80 Dosh
Animal Hide 120 Dosh
Fish Scales 400 Dosh
Worn Axe 400 Dosh
Oak Axe 1050 Dosh
Pine Axe 1900 Dosh Requires Shopping +
Makeshift Saw 400 Dosh
Oak Saw 1100 Dosh
Pine Saw 1980 Dosh Requires Shopping +

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