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Dogu profile
"A mysterious Dogu doll that has come to Life. It cannot speak well yet manages to communicate."
Character information
Gender Male
Nickname(s) None
Hometown Origin Island
Relatives Unknown
Rank Mysterious Dogu
First appearance Pam's Storage Room in Castele

You will first meet Dogu in Pam's Storage Room. He is a doll from Origin Island. He is Grace's friend and helps her out with her work at the island shrine.


He can become an ally.

When Daemon first meets Dogu, he comments on how he can feel a very strong, magical power emanating from him. He said it feels as strong or perhaps even stronger than his father's power. He describes it as "A hidden power, perhaps? Or a sleeping one, waiting for the right time...?" Dogu mistakens Yuelia as her mother, Celestia.

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