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Demona Edit

Daemon's strict, unforgiving mother. Her dream is for Daemon to become Dark Sultan.
Character information
Gender Female
Nickname(s) "Dearest love of mine" (By the Prior Dark Sultan)
Hometown Al Maajik
Relatives Daemon (Son)

Prior Dark Sultan (Husband)

Rank Daemon's Mother
First appearance Al Maajik

Demona is the mother of Daemon. She is determined to make sure her son is the best Dark Sultan there ever was to rule Al Maajik while his father, the Prior Dark Sultan was sealed away. She is very strict and stern.

== Appearance Demona is a tall lady with a poofy hairstyle. She wears a gold orb atop her head with a green veil coming out from the back. She wears a matching green scarf across her face and has gold earrings. She wears gold bangles along with a magenta dress and brown shoes.


  • At night, you can find Demona at The Spice Rack .
  • During the day, she's in Daemon's throne room.