Daemon Hellborn
ルーザ, Rūza
Daemon Hellborn
"Al Maajik's Dark Sultan. Each year, droves of would-be heroes attempt to assassinate him."
Character information
Gender Male
Nickname(s) Helly D (according to Andy)
Hometown Al Maajik
Relatives Demona (Mother)

Prior Dark Sultan (Father)
Cerberus (Dog)

Rank Dark Sultan
First appearance Fantasy Life

"I am Daemon Helbourne, Dark Sultan of the magical realm of Al Maajik."
— Daemon Helbourne

Daemon Helbourne (Damien in the US version) is the Dark Sultan of Al Maajik. He wants to make a mark on the world and its people and to make it a brighter place. He is the son of Demona and the Prior Dark Sultan. He can be found in the Sultan's Throne Room inside the Dark Sultan's Fortress with his pet dog Cerberus, his loyal and trusted Maajiknight Odin, and his mother Demona.

History Edit

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Not much of Daemon's history has been revealed, but after the prior Dark Sultan (his father) was sealed away, he was elected as the new Dark Sultan.

  • Daemon is a peaceful character and doesn't wish to wage war against Castele.

Daemon is admired by people all over AI Maajik and his crazed fans. Apparently, There is a Demon Headpiece which is fanmade and the suit can be obtained in the Castele Post Office. The code is Fiery fiend for UK/AU, Fiendish fashion for North America (case sensitive).

When you first meet him, he pretends to be evil before revealing his true character and his problems.

He is constantly annoyed by cowardly would-be heroes bashing his door down, yelling their heads off at him, and waving their swords around in an insane way. That's probably the reason why he has bags under his eyes - from him being woken up all the time by people.

He is fifteen years old. His name appears to be a pun of "demon hell-born". The name Damien in the North American version is a direct reference to Damien Thorn, the Antichrist from The Omen (1976).

Battle Stats Edit

Daemon is able to join the player's party once the player has completed the Tale of Lunares storyline.

Daemon 100 850 190 320 360 425

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