Coldwater Tuna
Coldwater Tuna
It's frozen all over, but not dead. The ice would keep it fresh anyway.
4 Stars
Buy price N/A
Sell price 2100
Type Consumables

Restores 120 HP when consumed.


  • Atop Mt Snowpeak Summit there is an ice covered lake with a hole in it, the Coldwater Tuna can be seen swimming around inside. Easily noticeable by its large icy shape that pokes out of the icy waters.
    • Sometimes the Coldwater Tuna does not spawn in the icy water and instead minor fish will appear. The player might need to enter and exit the map or sleep in a bed to get the Coldwater Tuna to appear.
  • Tips for spawning Coldwater Tuna:
    • Talk to Pam and move home to Log Cabin.
    • Go Home.
    • Exit and go right to take the plane to Mt Snowpeak.
    • Talk to soldier to go to Royal Cabin.
    • Run north. If Coldwater Tuna is not there, repeat.