Bronze Ingot
Bronze Ingot
A bronze ingot used for forging weapons, tools and armour.
0 Stars
Blacksmith Fledgling Recipe
Castele Copper x 2
Buy price 80 Dosh
Sell price 40 Dosh
Sell price good  ?
Sell price great  ?
Sell price top  ?
Sell price divine  ?
Type Material


Obtaining Edit

Crafting Edit

Blacksmith (fledgling recipe)

Shops Edit

Bronze Ingots can be purchased from the following shops:

Recipes Edit

Bronze Ingots are used in a variety of Blacksmithing and Carpentry recipes:

Blacksmith Edit

Carpenter Edit

Experience Earned When Crafted Edit

  • Normal (x1) +4
  • Normal (x5) +7
  • Normal (x10) +11
  • Auto Mode+ (x1) +2
  • Auto Mode+ (x5) +4
  • Auto Mode+ (x10) +6

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