Boiled Veg
Boiled Veg
A simple dish of boiled vegetables. Restores HP, raises Dexterity.
2 Stars
Cook Apprentice (High Level) Recipe
Carrot x 2
Broccoli x 2
Mountain Mushroom x 2
Buy price 60 Dosh
Sell price  ? Dosh
Sell price good  ?
Sell price great  ?
Sell price top  ? Dosh
Sell price divine  ?
Type Item (Consumable)

  Flavour is improved with Black Pepper.

Buy from

As a Consumable

  • Restores 50 HP
  • Superior Boiled Veg restores 75 HP

Quest Related

  • Apprentice rank Cook Challenge "Perfect Side Dish", requests for 1 high quality Boiled Veg.

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