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HNI 0006
"A Tailor Plushing who loves plush toys and forms emotional attachments to them."
Character information
Gender Presumed Male
Nickname(s) Unknown
Hometown Al Maajik
Relatives Spoolie
Rank Cuddly-Toy Instructor
First appearance Fantasy Life

Bobbin can give you the recipe for a Big Bunny Plushie, a Cuddly Sea Turtle, a Toy Camel, and a Teddy Bear.

Location Edit

Bobbin can be found in Al Maajik's sewing workshop. The sewing workshop in Al Maajik can be found inside the Bazaar workshop in Al Maajik Sandtown.

Notes Edit

  • Unlike other Plushlings who are light pink, he is white with light pink stripes, has a fluffy tail, and bunny ears. The player can also see what looks like large stitches on his back and in close-ups his eyes have eyelashes and he has purple lips.

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