Bandit Leader
HNI 0093
Enemy information
Location(s) East Grassy Plains
Possible drop(s) Sack of Silver, Mountain Springwater
Enemy level Silver
Bounty Yes
Bounty rewards 300 Dosh + Mountain Spring Water / Sack of Silver / Iron Hammer
Approx. health 75 HP
Nature Aggressive

The Bandit Leader is a silver crowned enemy can be found on the East Grassy Plains. They often appear with two Bandits. Only the Bandit Master (DLC) has an upper rank in the Bandits' ranks.

Related Quests Edit

Defeat the Bandit Leader as a Paladin to complete:

  • Baddest of the Bad: As a Paladin, defeat 1 Bandit Leader in the East Grassy Plains. (60 stars, Fledgling challenge)

Defeat 3 Bandit Leaders while you have accepted Prospero's Other Request "Bring Down the Bandit Leaders" to earn:

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