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The Ancient Disaster is an old prophecy in Origin Island. It goes: "Whosoever leaves the island shall once again incite the Ancient Disaster on the remaining islanders".

Story Edit

In the story, Dogu leaves the island and you first meet him in Pam's Storage Room. You then discover the entrance of Origin Island through him.

You meet other characters in the island: Grace, Leo, the Hot Springer, Louisa and Peachy.

Eventually, Grace leaves the island and travels with you, Yuelia, Grace and Dogu. Grace even meets Divinus to ask him what exactly the Ancient Disaster is. However, Divinus instantly changes the topic and gifts Grace and yourself a Divinus Appliqué instead. Later that night, after Grace has gotten back to Origin Island, Yuelia and Grace both dream the same dream.

When you wake up in the morning, Pam tells you there is more noise coming from her storage room. You go to investigate and see Peachy come out of the door. She motions for you go follow her into Origin Island.

The Ancient Disaster StartsEdit

Fluffkin and Peachy

You step foot on Origin Island for the second time.

As soon as you step through the door, you notice that the island now looks different to what it did before. Noelia and Fluffkin meet you at the entrance of Origin Island. Apparently Stone Giants have been on the rampage and the whole island is in a panic. Peachy tries to tell you about what's happening but no one could understand her ancient speech except Fluffkin, who then interprets what Peachy is trying to say. They tell you that the Ancient Disaster has been reawoken and that Grace is missing. At this point, Fluffkin and Peachy also both realise they are attracted to each other.Noelia decides to go back to Reveria for a bit. Fluffkin asks her to take Peachy along with them. Yuelia is really worried about Grace and asks you to hurry to the Ancient Tower. On the way to the tower, you encounter some very scared Ancient Warriors. They tell you that Grace went up to the tower alone. However, they haven't rescued her because they are thinking that if the legends are true then the tower must now be crawling with ferocious monsters. The warriors admit that they are mere cowards.

They tell you that they have spotted several Stone Giants on the prowl up ahead. You then all notice two stone giants that have snuck up behind the warriors while they were distracted talking to you. Leo then enters the scene and tells the Stone Giants to get back. Yuelia offers your assistance in battling the giants. Leo tells you to mind your own business as he thinks you'll only get in his way but you help him defeat the giants anyway.

Yuelia then asks where Dogu went and if he is with Grace. Leo says he doesn't know and that he hasn't seen Dogu since the island fell to ruin. He tells you that they all told Grace again and again why she must never leave the island. Yuelia blames herself at this point, saying she's the one who has brought back the Ancient Disaster by taking Grace off the island. Leo says that Yuelia and yourself are both undoubtedly the catalyst for the re-emergence of the Ancient Disaster. However, he tells you that the blame lies with Grace because she broke the island's sacred law.

A little disagreement starts on whether you should be allowed into the Ancient Tower as it is usually restricted from the public. However one of the warriors comments about how Yuelia looks very familiar. Eventually, he realises the reason for that is because Yuelia looks exactly like the Goddess's statue. Leo agrees and says the resemblance is uncanny but then starts to question yours and Yuelia's true identity. Luckily, Louisa comes along and affirms that you are Celestia's daughter. Apparently, she has never met the Goddess but Yuelia looks just like her portrait and the name "Yuelia" has appeared in the old legends for generations.

Louisa starts telling you a story about how many, many years ago, the Goddess governed their island and was waited upon by a shrine maiden who was an ancestor of hers. She has then passed on that shrine maiden role to Grace. Leo interrupts her saying how anyone can claim to be a descendant of the Goddess and is firm in saying that the law is the law and that outsiders are not permitted inside the tower. Yuelia retorts saying you don't have time for their fusty old laws. Louisa supports Yuelia and asks Leo what is more important: Grace or some old law.

Louisa then goes on saying that in these times a shrine maiden is to act as a representative of the Goddess and that she hears that Celestia was involved in the Ancient Disaster. Yuelia then declares that she takes responsibility for the re-emergence not just because her mother was involved in it but also because Grace is her friend. Louisa worries for Yuelia venturing into the tower alone but Yuelia says she won't be alone because you will be with her. Leo apologises and recognises that you are a brave warrior dedicated to protecting the Goddess and offers to escort you and Yuelia to the tower. He commands his men to guard the area and to not allow the monsters to approach the tower then he joins your party.

The Ancient TowerEdit

Ancient Tower

The Ancient Tower.

After you enter the Trial Chamber area of the Ancient Tower, Yuelia confirms with Leo that he's known Grace since they were kids. Leo said that Louisa watched out for both him and Grace when they were growing up. He says that Grace and him were always the best of friends and that things were so simple back then until they came of age and assumed their current roles. Yuelia asks if their relationship has changed once they assumed their roles. He explains that a shrine maiden serves the word of the Goddess and that a warrior protects the Goddess from the shadows. A warrior and a shrine maiden both have their separate roles which they must keep separate and that dedication is everything. He admits that he hasn't always kept the correct distance from Grace and had indulged her. He starts to question whether it's his fault that her shrine maiden powers have begun to wane and that why she hasn't been able to bring them the Goddess's words for a long time now. However he says that Grace still carried on and continued the rites.

Leo tells you that the legends say that travel outside of the island is strictly forbidden and that even if they desired to leave, the door cannot be opened as long as the Goddess remains silent. He adds that the islanders are resigned to staying in the island and that they pretended there was no outside world and have crushed the dreams of their curious youth. He affirms that Grace was different and that she prayed desperately to the Goddess for a way off the island. He tells Yuelia that maybe her coming to the island was perhaps the answer to Grace's prayer but then he changes the topic and tells you that you must use the magical portal to ascend the tower. He warns that you will be flying into the monster's nest and to be on your guard. You then make your way up the tower.

Leo asks whether you and Yuelia are alright when you reach the 2nd floor of the tower. Yuelia affirms that you are a seasoned veteran and that you are both fine. Yuelia tells Leo that she doesn't really understand the legend of the Ancient Disaster. Leo explains that it's an ancient folklore passed down through generations. It came upon the island long ago, when their god was away. As a result of its coming, the Goddess was trapped on top of the tower. He told Yuelia that countless brave souls climbed the tower in a bid to save her mother but they were all killed. He finishes the story by saying that their god finally returned and trapped the disaster in the topmost floor of the tower and that is all that the legend says.

Yuelia says it's hard to believe that such a horrible thing could happen. She asks if the reason for the law about not being allowed to leave the island was because the disaster first happened when god left the island. Leo confirms her thoughts and says this law is to make sure the island is always protected. Yuelia is puzzled however that Divinus didn't mention anything about any of this to her.

You Reach the Top of the TowerEdit

You finally reach the top of the tower. Yuelia wonders where Dogu has disappeared to and hopes that he and Grace are together. Leo says that Dogu is a sacred artifact, sworn to stay by the shrine maiden's side and that it is said that their ancestors spoke to their god through Dogu. He adds that Grace and Dogu have been together ever since she was a little girl but that Dogu has been acting bizarrely recently. Leo remains convinced that Grace's transgression has caused the changes within the tower.

Dogu ancient disaster

Dogu surrounded by dark energy.

You all hear a scream, recognise it as Grace's voice and hurry up to the top floor of the tower. You see Grace and Leo asks her if she is unharmed. You then hear Dogu's voice. As you turn and look at him you see that he is surrounded by some sort of swirling energy. Leo asks him what's happening and then wonders if he is the Ancient Disaster. Grace assures Leo that it's not Dogu's fault and implores Dogu to stop what he is doing and tells him that she just wants the old Dogu back.

Yuelia tells you that you both have to stop Dogu. You rush to Dogu to stop him but you get knocked back onto the floor. Grace blames herself for the current situation but she also accepts the fact that if she wouldn't have realised how beautiful her home was had she not gone outside of the island. She deprecates herself by saying that she is a failure of a shrine maiden. She says that there is one last thing she can do as a shrine maiden however Louisa has told her to not do this thing. She thanks Yuelia and yourself and starts calling out to the Goddess to save the island and offers up her mortal form to appease the Ancient Disaster.

Leo tries to stop Grace but she brings up a story that Leo told her when they were children. Leo reminds her that it is just a story but she tells him that it has taught her how important wishes and dreams are and how they can open the way to the future. Leo tells her that the story isn't finished yet and that sacrificing herself will only lead to pain for everyone. He tells her that it's something he realised since becoming the leader of the warriors. He vows to do whatever he can and discloses to Grace that she is what's most important to him. However, Grace still gives up her human form and faints in front of everyone. Leo laments why she didn't listen to him.

Celestia AppearsEdit

Yuelia calls out to the Goddess statue at the top of the tower and asks her mother why she didn't heed Grace's wish when Grace wished so hard. She pleads to her mother to let her see her. Her mother responds to her calls. At this point the body of Grace gets up. However, this is Celestia borrowing Grace's body as a vessel in order to communicate with Yuelia. Celestia says that opening one's heart is a beautiful thing no matter what the century and as she looks up, says that this takes her back to a time when someone opened their heart to her. Yuelia tells her that this wasn't the time for the warm fuzzies but she replies that the warm fuzzies are just what's called for in dark times such as these. Yuelia says she doesn't really follow and asks her mother how she got there as Yuelia doesn't have the Crystal of Wishes anymore. Celestia tells Yuelia that she has more than one way of appearing before her and that all she needs is a vessel for a mystical power such as a Crystal of Wishes or a shrine maiden.

Celestia looks for Grace but then realises that it is Grace's body that she has borrowed. She praises Grace on being so young and yet so hard workign at her shrine maiden training. Yuelia agrees with her and Celestia says that it is by Grace's power that she, Celestia, is able to be there with them.

Celestia tells Yuelia that the cause of the current situation is because of Divinus and herself but she changes the topic after that and says that she will attempt to restore Dogu back to his usual self first. She says she may be able to reduce his power slightly, to a more manageable level. The swirling energy around Dogu disappears. However, Celestia says that unfortunately, she has been unable to completely restore him and that it appears that Dogu is still being somewhat influenced by the power of autosuggestion. She explains that this is similar to being hypnotised. Yuelia asks if all you need to do to snap him out of it is to clap your hands. Celestia says you'll need something similar to that but stronger. Yuelia says they should leave it up to you to thing of something.

Leo appears on the scene and asks Celestia in Grace's form if she is alright. Celestia thanks Leo for his concern. Yuelia requests Leo to take the goddess a safe distance away. Two very strong Stone Giants are protecting Dogu. Yuelia and yourself proceed to attack Dogu. Dogu doesn't fight back and after his defeat, the two Stone Giants fall to the ground as well. In this scene, Dogu was pretty much similar to a doom stone.

Everyone is relieved. Celestia says that she has adjusted to the world a little bit and then proceeds to give Grace her body back. Celestia materialises out of Grace's body into her own human form. She asks Grace how she feels and Grace asks her if she is the Goddess. Celestia tells Grace she has done very well but Grace still doesn't quite believe what she sees in front of her. Grace tells the Goddess that she tried to believe in the power of wishes and dreams. Celestia reinforces her efforts and adds in that Yuelia and yourself did as well and even saved Reveria because of it.

Grace looks for Dogu and asks if he is alright. She sees his fainted body on the floor and pleads with him to open his eyes. She then starts bawling. Noelia walks into the scene and tells her to calm down and that she is sure that Dogu is fine and that she is sure his mechanisms just need a little oiling. Noelia said that she had been talking to Divinus after some urging from Fluffkin and Peachy and he admitted to her that he had created Dogu. The Hot Springer and Louisa both walk on to the scene and the Hot Springer asks if Grace is ok. Leo asks the Elder (Hot Springer) what he is doing in the tower. The Elder tells them that Noelia brought him to the tower and that she had rushed him so much that the didn't even have time to put on any clothes.

Celestia calls out to Noelia and Noelia couldn't believe her eyes and asks Celestia if it is a dream. She tells her mother that she missed her so much and starts sobbing in front of everyone. Noelia asks Celestia why she is there if it wasn't a dream. She asks her mother if her hand will go straight through her if she tries to touch her. Celestia reassures her that it isn't a dream and gives her a cuddle.

Grace interrupts and asks to make sure that Dogu will be okay and proceeds to ask about who or what was behind the Ancient Disaster. Noelia tells her that the truth is actually totally lame and asks Divinus if he is listening. Leo looks up and asks Divinus about the cause of the Ancient Disaster. Divinus replies that it was because of a domestic spat - a quarrel between husband and wife. Everyone wanted more details yet neither Divinus or Celestia were to embarrased to explain so Divinus tells Dogu to explain.

Dogu gets up and surprises everyone by talking in proper words rather than his usual speech. He tells everyone this story: "Goddess and God very close alwyas. Only sometimes little quarrel. But that time different. Very big quarrel. Very big. Three year from first meeting. Very important anniversary. God forget anniversary. Supposed to meet on top of tower. But God go off island! Stand Goddess up! Goddess so angry. Red in face. Goddess take anger out on Dogu. Then Goddess very sad. Goddess lock own self in tower. Goddess cry". Celestia confirms Dogu's story and adds that she bawled her eyes out while clasping Dogu to herself.

Divinus adds that he originally made Dogu as a sort of talisman for hearing the islander's wishes. First, he used Dogu to speak to the shrine maiden who represented the island. Then he granted the wishes that the shrine maiden gathered. He acknowledges that Dogu served him well. Dogu allowed him to communicate from the sky. He said that Celestia's special goddess powers may have had some influence on Dogu.

When Celestia was clasping Dogu, he had listened to her deepest wish and tried to make it come true. However, at this point Celestia was very distressed and her wish was "I don't ever want to see him again! I don't want to see anyone ever again!" - this was the wish that Dogu granted. Dogu adds that he made all the Stone Giants riot and that the tower was in chaos. He did all this, he sad, to protect Celestia from sad feelings.

Celestia admits that she was young and wanted revenge. Leo tells Celestia that people died trying to save her. Divinus interjects, saying that it wasn't quite as serious as all that and that old legends have a tendency to become slightly exaggerated over the years. He tells everyone that no brave warriors lost their lives and in fact they were never in any real danger. True, many clibmed the tower in an attempt to soothe Celestia's feelings. Some of them sustained a few sprained ankles but none of them were killed. He says that it was all a big fuss over nothing. Dogu adds by saying he wanted to grant the islanders' wishes and also the goddess's wish and that is all that he did. He said he doesn't decide whether their wishes are good wishes or bad wishes. He said that he stayed by the shrine maiden's side and he takes his role seriously.

Grace is still wondering how Dogu has learned to speak and Divinus answers her question by saying that he believes it is Celestia's influence that has granted Dogu the power of speech. Divinus adds that back then he made the decision to seal up Dogu's memories of all the disturbance for Dogu's own good. However, he now finds himself conflicted on whether he should do the same once again and questions whether he has the right to make such a decision for Dogu. However, Dogu stops Divinus from worrying and requests him to seal up his memory once again "for the good of everyone". Celestia reassures Dogu that everything will be sorted out and that his creator cares about him very much.

Celestia explains that after the first disturbance, the islanders were ready to think of Dogu as some sort of demon. So, to protect him from their anger, Divinus made up a cover story saying that the disaster occured as a direct result of him leaving the island. Divinus adds that unfortunately, his white lie to protect Dogu was twisted into a moralistic legend over the years and became the legend of the Ancient Disaster. He never thought that a lie he made in haste would be carried out across the centuries. Leo is a bit angry at this stage and Celestia apologises to him. However, Grace says that it makes a great love story. The Hot Springer adds that it seems they have all been forgetting how precious trule love really is. Leo calms down and understands that Divinus lied to save both Dogu and Celestia from the people's anger. Noelia agrees that it's a nice story if you put a certain spin to it but is not sure if love is realy what it's about.

Yuelia asks why the disaster happened again since Dogu's memories were all sealed up. Divinus answers saying he believes that Dogu may have mistaken Yuelia for her mother. Dogu responds by saying that Celestia and Yuelia are one and the same to him - that Yuelia's angry face and tears are like Celestia's. And because of that, the seal on his memories broke open and he remembered everything. He says that Celestia is so kind and that she is just the same as when she was the shrine maiden.

Dogu memory seal

Dogu wishes for his memory to be sealed.

Celestia reveals a secret that she has kept for a long time - that she used to be human. She said that Divinus had proposed to her in the Ancient Tower. Even though she was happy about it and considered it an honour, she still had a dilemma for his proposal came along with a life-altering decision that had to be made. To become the wife of a god, she herself needed to become a goddess. She finally deided to be with Divinus and to use the power he granted her for the good of the world. However, she had one decision for Divinus: that each year she would be human again for one day - one special day to spend with him as a human. But Divinus forgot their first meeting anniversary and she got very angry. The group agrees that what Divinus did was not cool and quite insensitive. Divinus tries to defend himself from everyone's words by trying to take over Dogu's body and speaking through him but everyone catches on. According to Celestia, once he remembered their anniversay, he flew to her side to grovel at her feet. Celestia then remembers about Dogu and asked him what he wanted to do. Dogu wishes for his memory to be sealed up again so that he can be a good helper for Grace. He says he wants to forget bad memories and emotions. Celestia whispers the secret phrase to Dogu (the secret phrase is a very mush and romantic line) and after that Dogu's memories are once again sealed and he is back to normal.
Ancient Tower Goddess Statue

Celestia's statue at the top floor of the Ancient Tower.


Celestia tells her daughters that being with everyone like this makes her think of when they were little. Apparently she used to bring her daughters to the island many times when they were children and Grace and Louisa's ancestors really loved spoiling them. As the time nears for everyone to go, Noelia worries that she won't be able to see her mother again and Celestia reassures her that she has many ways of appearing in the world before her daughters. She adds that those with shrine maiden powers can communicate with each other through dreams. Then, she goes back to her statue to rest.
Back to Reveria

The ending of the Origin Island story.

The rest of the party gathers around the entrance to the island and watches the dawn break over it. Noelia then realises that she has lost her furry company, Fluffkin, for it seems he has decided to stay on the island with Peachy. Leo offers you his comradeship. You all promise to visit each other. You then go home to Reveria to report the happenings to Pam. After that, the credits roll.

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